Hey, I’m Matt. I’m a web developer and ux designer. I’m usually in San Francisco searching for the best breakfast sandwich, but sometimes I’m in other countries working remotely. I’m constantly trying to learn new skills and have a life-long curiosity for interesting tech. Feel free to get in touch and I’ll do my best to get back to you.
Note: This site is a work-in-progress (I'm too busy)


I have years of experience developing well-organized code. I am an expert at CSS and jQuery, and love using helpful tools like SCSS, LESS, Compass, Highcharts, D3, etc. I'm also well-versed in Ruby on Rails, understanding best practices and how to leverage open source libraries to ship product quickly.

I have built or helped build at least a dozen fully responsive websites/web applications, and have extensively used responsive frameworks (mostly Bootstrap). Most of the work I’ve done has been on Ruby on Rails, and more recently apps also using Angularjs (2-way data binding ftw!).

More? Check out my GitHub


Always starting with paper sketches, I’ve approached design using both higher-fidelity mockups as well as completely designing in the browser.

I have experience working through the smallest product details, then surfacing the most important content for optimal usability. When I start a new project, I typically create multiple designs in parallel and then iterate on the best. That way, the inherent trade-offs created by design decisions are calculated and intentional.

I understand the value in talking to users, and making certain we're solving their problem effectively. I love tools like Invision, Photoshop, Sketch and good ol' pen and paper.

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